A Teacher. A Hypothesis. A Blog.

I believe in childhood. I believe in magic.
Teachers are primary providers of both.

That is the focus and vision for this space. I’m not here to gloss over the immense challenges teachers face everyday. They are SO real. But for me, the only thing that makes these long days, long nights, heartbreaking stories, and the never-ending, exhausting, yet noble quest to be better, worth the effort– is the magic.

You know the magic.

  • The moment your whole class laughs at something together.
  • When you get a heartfelt thank you, just for tying a shoe.
  • The drawing that captures your hair and eye color with little hearts and an “I love you” scribbled on it.
  • When your calming reassurance brings a smile to a little face through their tears.
  • When an unexpected discussion does more teaching than your carefully planned lesson.

These moments can be brief or extended. They pop in and leave without dismissal. But they almost always take me by surprise because I didn’t set out looking for magic in that moment. It just happens. Sometimes it feels like they’re happening every day. And then there are strings of days where you feel like you’re waiting for it to appear and make it all worth it again.

I had to go no further than my snapchat history to see the magic days and the not-so-magic days. This documentation of snaps primarily sent to coworkers and my husband chronicle the ups and downs of the everyday teacher life.


First day of school with a sparkly mask
When my husband texts at 4 and asks what I’m up to after work…
In bed at 6:30
The day I was drawn as a donut?
…possibly a professional highlight
This day I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
Those moments of self-appreciation
Working through a fire alarm

Finding the magic feels a little finicky these days…

So this blog is my hypothesis. That if I look for the magic, if I write it down, it’ll appear more often. I’ll stop to see it more often. I’ll find the formula to create it more often in my classroom. Because those moments happen and they’re wonderful for me. As I mentioned, they keep me going. But even more importantly, those moments are also what every child needs. Children are made of wonder. They deserve to see the world in captivating moments. They deserve to learn through captivating moments. We can create their childhood memories. We can create a love of learning through embracing our role.

We are the providers of those moments. It is a far more honorable title we bear than the meer professionals in a workplace, for we are the makers of magic.

It is my humble hope that through this space, as I journey to write magic down, other educators in search of it, will come and find it with me. If I’ve learned anything in five years as an educator, it is that teachers need other teachers. We support each other. We root for each other. I am rooting for you and hoping you find what keeps you going.

For me, it’s classroom magic.

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